Does it matter what I believe?

Does it matter what I believe

There is a pluralistic mentality that has infused our social consciousness and a spreading attitude that there is more than one world-view or way of thinking that leads to everlasting happiness. We hear the attitude that it doesn’t matter what you actually believe as long as it suits you and you find it helpful. But does what you believe matter?

Journeying Home Workshop

  Workshop Saturday 10th March 10am – 4pm Greenhill New Church Centre 177 Leicester Road New Barnet, Herts. EN5 5EB The idea of ‘home’ may have an aspect of a place where you live but also it has different levels of meaning. On a deeper level again home is where you are accepted as yourself, a sense of belonging. … Continue reading Journeying Home Workshop

The Garment of Love

Talk by Anders Hallengren  | 28 January 2012 | 4.30 pm Bloomsbury London. The most important part of Swedenborg’s teachings has never been termed a doctrine: the ‘Doctrine of Love’, which according to Swedenborg is the foundation proper of faith and knowledge. Like the ‘Commandment of Love’ this principle supersedes and overrides all other rules. … Continue reading The Garment of Love

Will we meet in heaven – my partner and I?

meet in heaven

Poets sometimes voice a feeling that even death cannot break the bonds of love.

I love thee with a love I seemed to lose
With my lost saints, — I love thee with the breath,
Smiles, tears, of all my life! And, if God choose,
I shall but love thee better after death.

(Sonnets from the Portugese XLIII by Elizabeth Barrett Browning)

But does love really transcend bodily death and do we ever meet our loved ones

Financial crisis – How to reduce the risk of this?

financial crisis

The financial crisis has resulted in loss of jobs and personal savings, and huge damage to business confidence. To get greater economic growth some want to encourage the profit motive and reduce regulation by government. But it is precisely the failures of international financial regulation that had led directly to the crisis. Here are some suggestions about what you can do to tackle the problem.

Did Swedenborg have universal consciousness?

The idea that consciousness may exist independently of the physical body is often widely disputed from all sides and often ridiculed. In this short video Jonathan Rose describes Swedenborg’s different levels of universal awareness. There is a comment on this by Outer Streams’ interviewer Andy Nesky [youtube_sc url=]

Stella English

  Stella is known as a winner of BBC tv’s The Apprentice Her childhood was a painful one. “It was quite a lonely hard time for me.” Her father had abandoned her at a young age, leaving her mother Drusilla unable to care for her due to psychological ill-health. It wasn’t deliberate neglect. Her mother couldn’t … Continue reading Stella English

Was Swedenborg a mystic?

Someone suggested that if you talk to God, it’s prayer but if God talks to you, its schizophrenia. How could Swedenborg, with a European reputation as a scientist, turn to what seems like mysticism? This short video was produced by Science and the Outer Streams shows Jonathan Rose a prominent Swedenborgian scholar being interviewed by Andy Nesky about this … Continue reading Was Swedenborg a mystic?

Children who die – What happens to them?

children who die

Judging by the popularity of the American fantasy television series Ghost Whisperer, many people, even if they haven’t made a jump of faith, would like to believe in death survival for everyone including children who die . Some people are willing to talk privately about having felt a presence, heard a voice, or seen a ghost … Continue reading Children who die – What happens to them?