How to practice love in action?

Depressed or self-occupied? A Japanese therapy applies Swedenborg’s philosophy of usefulness. This video shows the primacy of love and shows his useful life and that of others like Helen Keller. [youtube_sc url=]

Punishment of hell – Can this be real?

punishment of hell

If doing bad things is caused by environmental circumstances rather than individual moral choice, then surely an eternal punishment after death would be unjust? And if you balk at the idea of evil then you may dismiss the idea of hell.

Spiritual ideas of Swedenborg. Out of date?

spiritual ideas

Together Swedenborg’s spiritual ideas give a holistic theory – a very modern approach to human problems. By this, I mean his system of thought tackles the whole person — the heart, head and hands of daily living. Spiritual ideas of heart, head & hands Our heart is to do with what we feel and want … Continue reading Spiritual ideas of Swedenborg. Out of date?

Quibbling about Parables

I am having a spot of bother with parables – nothing serious, you understand; nothing to worry about. Some of them, however, do seem just a little dated. There is that famous puzzle about the workers in the vineyard, for example – enough to spark a general strike. And what about the story of the … Continue reading Quibbling about Parables

Spirit of Christmas for the non-believer?

Spirit of Christmas

The origin of the spirit of Christmas is the historical birth of Christ. Religious teachings can be expressed in a dogmatic manner so that any universal relevance or spiritual depth is lost. And so many people today are not Christian believers. However although they do not worship Jesus Christ, this doesn’t stop them appreciating the Christmas … Continue reading Spirit of Christmas for the non-believer?

Are you allergic to theological books?

I recently started reading another book of theology, but I found it utterly unintelligible and gave up after the first couple of chapters. I sometimes wonder whether theology is a matter of us studying God, or of God studying us. If the latter then clearly I stand accused. I have even thought that maybe theology … Continue reading Are you allergic to theological books?

Attracting Soul Growth, a Meditation Retreat

Purley Chase Centre Warwickshire. Starts Friday 16 December 2011 – 19:00 and ends Sunday 18 December 2011 – 21:00 This weekend is at the turning point of the year, a time when we turn inward to reflect on the year to pass and the year to come, a time to take time out to the … Continue reading Attracting Soul Growth, a Meditation Retreat

The White Bear King

A Christmas storytelling performance for children by Sally Pomme Clayton, the Swedenborg Society’s new Artist in Residence. Storyteller Sally Pomme Clayton brings to life a mysterious  and magical Scandinavian wonder tale. Her vibrant performance takes the audience on a snowy journey, with a polar bear and a princess, trickery and trolls, frost and fire. The princess … Continue reading The White Bear King

Child rearing – What spiritual practice helps?

child rearing

Children and grandchildren can provide your child rearing with wonderful moments. Their spontaneity and sense of fun can brighten your day. But almost out of the blue all hell can break loose and they can be a real pain testing your limits and boundaries. What they want can be different from what you want. They … Continue reading Child rearing – What spiritual practice helps?