How do you live spiritually?

If we were to cultivate the habit of positive thinking, I feel it could transform our world. To me, finding a reconciliation for all our past suffering and pain, anger and rage means that we would not be risking the chance of spoiling the future by staying locked in the past. I believe there are … Continue reading How do you live spiritually?

Has Swedenborg had any influence?

The following video tells of several readers of Swedenborg’s books who have included Goethre, Blake, Emerson, Thomas Carlysle, John Ruskin, as well as the leaders of several social movements such as the antislavery cause, women’s rights, and the interfaith movement.   [youtube_sc url=]  

Sell your soul – Could you do it?

sell your soul

Historians have written about the rise of Nazi Germany and wondered how a civilized country could have become ruled by criminals trying to conquer Europe. How did well-intentioned educated people become so captivated by Hitler’s magnetism that they could accept secret police, concentration camps, slave labour, and nonsensical rhetoric of Aryan heroism and anti-Semitism? If … Continue reading Sell your soul – Could you do it?

Does it matter if I don’t think about God?

In this video psychologist Dr Leon James answers this question using attribution theory focusing on Swedenborg’s concept of ‘as of self’ and gives a reason why not thinking about God makes what he says is the main aim of individual human life more difficult to accomplish. You might want to skip the first half minute … Continue reading Does it matter if I don’t think about God?

Blind faith – Science or religion?

blind faith

Emotions can run high in the debate between religion and science. Just take a look at  the high-profile campaign in the United States to teach ‘Intelligent Design’ in schools. But is conflict inevitable because both sides are showing blind faith in their own version of reality? Blind faith of scientists who deny a purposive life … Continue reading Blind faith – Science or religion?

Weekend Event: Journey through the Spiritual World

Have you got a hazy picture about what happens when we die? Or perhaps you have some knowledge about what Swedenborg reports about the after-life but realise there are definite gaps in your understanding that you wish to be filled. Or perhaps you are sceptical and have a few doubts about the plausibility of things … Continue reading Weekend Event: Journey through the Spiritual World

Reincarnation – How plausible is it?


More people in the West are becoming interested in the concept of reincarnation. They are attracted to the idea that the human spirit lives on beyond death. I suspect they have lost patience with two specific doctrines of traditional Christian religion. Instead of reincarnation, final destiny according to actions in one life The first of … Continue reading Reincarnation – How plausible is it?

What is it like to die?

Swedenborg lived in the eighteenth century but many of the readers of his books think he has something to tell us today. This short video shows his experience of dying and what, according to Swedenborg, is in store for each of us after the death of the body. The speakers are some of the foremost scholars … Continue reading What is it like to die?

Swedenborg Short Film Festival

Friday 18 November | 6 – 9 pm | Swedenborg Hall The Festival will take place in the Society’s grade II listed neo-classical Hall. Following the success of last year we hope the festival will continue to establish itself as an annual landmark event on the UK film calendar. Featuring films of 30 mins or less, … Continue reading Swedenborg Short Film Festival