Gossip – Is it good for the soul?


Is it good to talk about the private lives of public figures? Like the sexual seductions of Dominique Straus-Khan, managing director of the IMF? This is someone who was heading for high political office. Or the widely reported affair of footballer Ryan Giggs with Big Brother star Imogen Thomas? What is more important — the human right to a private life or the media’s freedom of expression? Can talking about people we know be a good thing?

Jacob’s Ladder

Residential Forum, Purley Chase Spiritual Centre, Warwickshire, From 19:00 Tuesday 05 July 2011 to 14:00 Thursday 07 July 2011 Many people find that Swedenborg’s writings give them a wonderfully rational and understandable account of the Bible and Christian theology.  Yet his writings also describe the great turning points in our spiritual development – the kind … Continue reading Jacob’s Ladder

Sexual culture — how to live in it?

sexual culture

‘Women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimised’ said policeman PC Michael Sanguinetti in Toronto, whilst advising students about safety on campus. In so saying he unleashed a storm of outrage. The marchers seem to be implying that sexual signals have no meaning in the world of human interaction.

Organised religion – beyond its sell by date?

organised religion

The World Values Survey, which is claimed to be the most reliable survey of beliefs across the globe, suggests that there has been a substantial cultural change. William Bloom writing in The Complete Encyclopedia of Mind Body Spirit reports that in modernised and free societies, where people have access to diverse views, up to seventy per cent of the population has moved away from a single faith tradition. Many seem to be acknowledging a spiritual dimension to life without affiliating with organised religion.

Terrorists – How to respond to them?


Although details of the raid remain sketchy, one can’t help wondering if the US could have tried harder to capture bin Laden alive and put him on trial rather than carrying out a summary execution. We don’t know to what extent if any there was any danger to the attacking forces bursting in on bin Laden of him detonating a hidden explosive device. The Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Williams, said: “I think the killing of an unarmed man is always going to leave a very uncomfortable feeling because it doesn’t look as if justice is seen to be done.” Few pundits have resisted the opportunity to ridicule him for this. Were they right to do this or was he right in what he said?

Going with the Flow

Residential weekend workshop Purley Chase Spiritual Centre, Warwickshire, 7pm Friday 1st July to 2pm Sunday 3rd July 2011 USING  VISUAL  IMAGES TO BETTER LIVE  IN  THE STREAM OF DIVINE PROVIDENCE Having energy and contentment come about when the individual is living in the moment, and experiencing the power of now – not distracted by one’s … Continue reading Going with the Flow

Hearing voices in the head – Are they real?

hearing voices

One well know example of some hearing voices is Joe Simpson. Whilst climbing on the West Face of Siula Grande in the Peruvian Andes, Simpson fell from high up on the mountain and was left for dead. Frostbitten and slowly freezing to death he recovered consciousness to realize he had a broken leg throbbing with … Continue reading Hearing voices in the head – Are they real?