Tragedy – What if it happened to me?


Tragedy always seems to happen somewhere in the world; like an earthquake destroying buildings, someone running amok with a dangerous firearm, or civil populations of non-combatants affected by weapons of war. Watching the television news you wonder ‘What if it ever happened to me?’ It is so easy for the innocent to suffer damage to … Continue reading Tragedy – What if it happened to me?

Life after death – What’s it like?

life after death

In the post Is there an afterlife? I pointed to a similarity between Swedenborg’s reports of his mystical experiences of life after death and numerous accounts of the near death experience. There are also striking similarities between what various modern psychic mediums have said concerning a realm of spirits with Swedenborg’s writings. These similarities are … Continue reading Life after death – What’s it like?

Pathway to Wholeness

Distance Learning Tutored Course:   SOLCe What makes us a complete person?  Is it earning lots of money and having lots of expensive possessions, or is it being at peace with ourselves and showing respect and care for our fellow citizens?  Is it being successful rather than being reliable?  Is it being helpful to ourselves rather … Continue reading Pathway to Wholeness

Afterlife – Is there one?


A young man was skating on the local reservoir and fell through the ice. As he approached hypothermia, he could hardly move. He went down in silence his lifeless arms floating above his head. He then stopped feeling afraid of death and of there being no afterlife and actually started to feel warm. Feeling at … Continue reading Afterlife – Is there one?

Spiritual seekers welcome

Walking the Angel Way Workshop Saturday 21st May, West Wickham New Church Hall, 142 High Street, West Wickham, Kent, BR4 0LZ What is an angel? Angels are messengers, bringers or channels of light and inspiration – they radiate love and light this is because Divine Love is constantly yearning to be connected to all of … Continue reading Spiritual seekers welcome

Issues of the Contemporary World

Distance Learning Course: Swedenborgian Approaches to Issues of the Contemporary World  In the modern world we meet many ethical challenges, and there is often no consensus on how they should be confronted.  Different religions hold opposing views, different nationalities see these situations from other perspectives.  Topics like abortion, euthanasia and the environment cause confrontation and … Continue reading Issues of the Contemporary World

Admiration – Do you deserve it?


You have seen the young pop performers, posturing on stage, pretentious, reeking of youthful ego and full of their celebrity status. And you wonder if you could have gone up on stage yourself and done that too. Maybe not! But what about something else you do that deserves attention — great disco dancing, passing of academic tests, goal scoring on the sports field? Don’t you too deserve some admiration? Or is the meaning of life for you something very different?