Swedenborgian Psychology

Psychology is the study of our experience and behaviour. It is about the way the human mind works. How do children start to think more rationally? How do we become male or female in personality? How do personal relationships succeed or fail? How can we understand clairvoyance, hypnotism and other extraordinary states of consciousness? How … Continue reading Swedenborgian Psychology

Money – What attitude to take to it?


When one is hard up, buying a lottery ticket and thus dreaming of untold wealth has its attractions, even if in one’s heart of hearts one knows there is virtually no chance of winning. A bit of harmless fun. Or is having a pleasing fantasy any different from coming out all guns blazing to make money and lots of it? What are ethics of making money?

The peace of mind mystery

We can’t all escape to a cave to gaze at our navels all week in silent contemplation. That’s the trouble – we can’t get away from life itself with its daily frustrations and setbacks. It’s what takes away our peace of mind. The fact that we have a burning desire for certain things means that we are likely to feel tense or angry if anything turns up to prevent us having them. Sometimes the meaning of life is hard to fathom and the mystery of peace of mind is no exception. There is a fascinating Taoist story that gives us a clue ….

Walking the Angel Way

Workshop Saturday 14th May 10am – 4pm    Bournemouth Rita Russell Rita has facilitated Spiritual Growth workshops for many years and brings her wide life experience into this work. She has three grown-up children and four grandchildren. During the workshop we will explore how angels touch our lives, even though we are mostly unaware of their influence. … Continue reading Walking the Angel Way

Suspicion – How to overcome it?


Do you give the man in your life a warm embrace in order to sniff for any strange perfume? Or scroll through your partner’s phonebook, when she’s not around, checking for any new male contacts? Signs of sexual jealousy in others may sound funny but if you are the one experiencing suspicion it can be … Continue reading Suspicion – How to overcome it?

Asking for help – Is it that difficult?.

asking for help

Is life giving us too many headaches? Or have our circumstances dramatically changed for the worse? We say that we are “fine” and that we are in control. But deep down we know we are not. The first step is to admit to ourselves when we actually do need help. So why not simply ask for it? If we do not ask, how can we expect to

Heaven and hell

On Saturday 2nd April, the Swedenborg Society will launch its brand new translation of Emanuel Swedenborg’s Heaven and Hell by KC Ryder, in Radcliffe, Manchester. The Swedenborg Open Learning Centre will host this celebratory event, which will also feature the re-launch of Norman Ryder’s Descriptive Bibliography of Swedenborg’s Works (Vol. 1). Refreshments will be served, … Continue reading Heaven and hell

Self-esteem – How to find it?


Psychologists have found that a strong sense of worth goes along with being confident and assertive, having good physical health, and pleasing relationships. Yet some people have low self-esteem. They feel bad about themselves. What do you think of yourself? Are you pleased with who you are or ashamed? When someone makes critical remarks about you, is it water off a duck’s back or

The Western Esoteric Traditions

A Historical Introduction  By Nicholas Goodrick- Clarke (Oxford University Press, USA) £19.99 Professor Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke is Director of the Exeter Centre for the Study of Esotericism at Exeter University. He is also a scholar of German and may be known to readers of Swedenborg as the translator of Visionary Savant in the Age of Reason, … Continue reading The Western Esoteric Traditions