Sharks are dangerous

(c) According to the Perth Now News, a man bravely tackled a shark to save the life of a young woman. Trevor Burns a middle aged tourist was enjoying a snorkelling trip off the coast of Western Australia, when a 10 foot Great White sank its teeth into 20 year old Elyse Frankcom. She had been hosting a swim-with-the-dolphins tour when the terrifying brush with death unfolded. Surgeons had to extract teeth from Ms Frankcom’s wounds and she needed 200 stitches.

Mr Burns grabbed the shark’s thrashing tail so it would release its grip on its victim and then dragged her to the surface and swam with her to the boat. Back on shore he refused to accept any praise. Later he said “there was no way” he was going to let the shark take the young victim and admitted she probably wouldn’t have survived if he had not come to her aid.

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